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Author: Aaron Brown Created: 3/18/2011 7:58 AM RssIcon
I've created this blog to keep anyone and everyone in the repossession industry updated on the latest happenings at MBSi in addition to any usefull information that I find relevant to your quest to grow your business!
By Aaron Brown on 9/1/2011 3:16 PM
Hello all! Today’s post is just to touch base and let you know that we have a lot of really exciting things coming down the pike here at MBSi. We are in the midst of revamping a few of our existing products as well as rolling out a couple of brand new ones that will keep you running on all cylinders. Stay tuned in the coming weeks as I’ll update you on some exciting products we currently have in development. Until then, stay safe and productive!

As always, any questions or comments feel free to write me:
By Aaron Brown on 8/8/2011 7:26 AM
I’ve covered a broad scope of products and integrations over the past few months. Today I want to re-touch on one topic. I’ve found that a lot of our customers have been linking their DRN (Digital Recognition Network) accounts with Re-Pros, and once they sign up for the MBSi Plate Purchase feature, they can’t stop raving about it.Using the MBSi Plate purchase feature, you can now purchase license plate data through Re-Pros or iRepo!Let me refresh your memory about the MBSi Plate Purchase Feature. The MBSi License Plate Purchase (LPP) feature gives Re-Pros and iRepo users the ability to manually purchase license plate data on one or multiple assignments. Additionally, LPP can be activated to automatically purchase license plates on all new assignments. Once purchased, LPP automatically populates your plate data into Re-Pros or iRepo assignments, so you don’t have to do any additional data entry!Couple LPP with our complete DRN Integration, and your company will have robust asset location technology which will...
By Aaron Brown on 7/18/2011 1:59 PM
Today I am going to tell you a bit about our IT Support option which we will be launching in the coming weeks. It is a MUST HAVE for anyone who cares about keeping their computers running at top performance!With all the other things you have going on as a business owner you can’t afford to spend valuable time on computer problems. The last thing you need is an error message, virus, printer failure, or slow processor taking you away from every day operations and potential revenue.That’s why we at MBSi are going to start providing IT Support through our newest resource! Let us be your in-house IT team handling issues that may arise with your desktops, laptops, or printers. Many of the issues you encounter can be resolved by our support staff via a remote connection to your computer. Lose a crucial file or document? We can retrieve it for you. Maybe you need a hardware update, we can handle that as well!IT Support by can also save you time and money with physical computer repairs. Instead...
By Aaron Brown on 6/27/2011 8:05 AM
This week I will be covering , which is now the place to find a myriad of tools and resources that MBSi offers to help your business excel in the Repossession Industry.

As I mentioned last week, one of the most crippling issues that small and medium sized repossession companies currently face is a lack of credibility.

This could be because you’re busy running your business to the best of your ability and might not have the time to focus on peripheral things like your marketing message. Also, you might not have enough branding expertise, or you might lack the resources to create a message that will give you the breakthrough you need to compete with the large forwarding and repossession companies.

Perhaps your difficulty is not with marketing, but with unruly computers that are slowing you down. Maybe the issue is that because you’re busy, you might...
By Aaron Brown on 6/20/2011 4:56 PM
I am very excited about the launch of our website! I will be covering this site in detail on my next blog, but today I want to write about one of the features of called PartnerBranding. With PartnerBranding we can help you take your company’s image to the next level.

Here at MBSi we’re always looking to identify our customer’s needs so we can meet them. One such area of need that we recognized was in the area of marketing. Most successful small and mid-sized companies find ways to compete with the larger companies and forwarders by means of superior customer service and personalized attention. However, these companies often fail to realize their potential to reach additional clients because they underestimate the importance of “first impressions”.

In other words, you could be top notch in professionalism, efficiency, and customer service, and still not be noticed by potential...
By Aaron Brown on 6/13/2011 1:19 PM
As promised, this week I am going to be talking about Vendor Accounting our QuickBooks integration.

The amount of time, and ultimately the amount of money this integration will save you is no joke. Vendor Accounting gives you one-click transfer of Re-Pros invoice information directly into QuickBooks, eliminating double data entry. With this integration, you get the efficiency of Re-Pros to manage the daily operation of your repossession company, while using QuickBooks for all of your accounting needs. Process payments and manage your accounts receivables with the ease of Re-Pros and the sophistication of QuickBooks.

 If you're interested in becoming one of the many vendors across the country taking advantage of Vendor Accounting, please feel free to call me at 602-864-7847, or email me at

Next week I will be talking about the launch of our new Vendor Branding packages and how they can help...
By Aaron Brown on 6/3/2011 3:42 PM

Congratulations to RISC and MBSi Capital Corp.


DRN would like to congratulate two of our strategic partners – Recovery Services Industry Company (RISC) and MBSi Capital Corp. on their recent announcement to collaborate on an automotive Key Code solution using state of the art technology.  We applaud these two organizations for their commitment to the innovative use of technology to enhance the level of service a professional recovery agent may provide to their clients.  To learn more about this exciting news, please go to or

By Aaron Brown on 5/31/2011 7:20 AM
I am very excited to announce our integration with Recovery Industry Services Company (RISC) to bring you an exciting new product offering: RISC AutoLock Services!

Through this new functionality, Re-Pros and iRepo users, and even non MBSi customers can purchase key codes quickly and seamlessly!

What is RISC AutoLock Services? It is an easy to use, rapid results key code service to help your repossession company obtain key codes more efficiently. The aim of this new functionality as always is to save you time thus ultimately increasing your bottom line. The integrated process makes obtaining key codes easy by simplifying and automating the order placement, request tracking, and key code delivery processes.

For those of you not familiar with RISC, they have been servicing the collateral recovery industry for years by providing a variety of products and services that train and certify...
By Aaron Brown on 4/21/2011 10:10 AM
Did you know that Re-Pros is integrated with OPENLANE?

MBSi has partnered with OPENLANE to provide a seamless way for you to create new revenue and enhance your marketability with your current and prospective clients by selling vehicles directly from your lot.

Selling vehicles on OPENLANE is fast and easy. Once you’re signed up, with a few simple mouse clicks an inspection will be ordered, the vehicle will be listed and sold. The buyer arranges transportation for the vehicle from your lot, you get paid, and you are done!

The Re-Pros/OPENLANE integration makes the listing process a snap. When you recover a vehicle and store it on your lot, you can access the assignment and click the “Send Vehicle to OPENLANE” button. Re-Pros will auto-populate all of the fields that OPENLANE needs to get the vehicle listing process started. It is literally that simple.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Re-Pros/OPENLANE...
By Aaron Brown on 4/4/2011 4:26 PM
As promised on my first blog post, today I will be discussing our MBSi License Plate Purchase and DRN Integration with you.

Using the MBSi Plate purchase feature, you can now purchase license plate data through Re-Pros or iRepo!

“What is the MBSi Plate Purchase feature” you say? Glad you asked.

The MBSi License Plate Purchase (LPP) feature gives Re-Pros and iRepo users the ability to manually purchase license plate data on one or multiple assignments. Additionally,  LPP can be activated to automatically purchase license plates on all new assignments. 

Once purchased, LPP automatically populates your plate data into Re-Pros or iRepo assignments, so you don’t have to do any additional data entry!

Another great aspect of LPP is the reporting capability. Participating vendors will be able to audit license plate...
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